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How to delete WhatsApp on iPhone

Deletion on Android

Deleting WhatsApp on other devices

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Consider that Facebook owns WhatsApp. If you'd like to investigate Facebook account deletion, visit

The account deletion process

Once you've pressed delete you will permanently lose access to your WhatsApp account.

There is no grace period, so make sure you have everything you need from your account prior to deletion.

Remember to delete the WhatsApp app from your devices.

Consider letting your close contacts know that you are leaving, including a method for future communication if you wish to keep in touch.

Be prepared for things to go quiet in your extended social network.

What happens to your data?

It takes up to 90 days to delete your data. The provided explanation is that it takes time to flush backup copies.

Deletion does not affect information that other users have about you. Copies of messages you have sent will remain accessible to anyone you've interacted with.

WhatsApp claims that ‘personal information shared with the other Facebook Companies will also be deleted’.

This is difficult to verify. It's safer to assume that data shared with Facebook contacts will remain visible to them.

Why delete your account?

Facebook owns WhatsApp.

At the very least this links the types of decisions that have led to Facebook's privacy concerns extending to WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp could even be dangerous.

Read through the linked articles on this website to learn more.

Privacy implications

You need to be able to trust your messaging provider. End-to-end encryption is not enough if your provider still has access to your metadata (e.g. your contacts, message frequency, IP address etc).

WhatsApp is a Facebook-owned company. As a result the service is now built on Facebook's technologies, which in turn are built to monetise social data via advertising.

The decision to buy WhatsApp for $19 billion was extremely suspect and based on insight from an unethical source.

Stay social. Try Signal.

You do not have to give up on social technology.

Signal is a privacy focused, easy to use messaging app.

It is developed by a reputable organisation that is commited to privacy. No ads, no tracking… a clean and secure messaging experience.

Convincing others to use a new app can be tough. Start with those close to you and go from there.